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stattools.dea collection of statistical and other tools

Welcome to! You will find a number of little tools, most useful for statistical analysis and experimental planning, but also others. Select the tools via the menu item "SELECT TOOL" to the right.

If you can make use of one or several of these, or you find anything not working or incomprehensible or so, I am glad to hear from you: Please write me an email using the link all the way at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for coming here - have fun and make use!

In general, the tools here run on javascript. They will not run if you have javascript turned off.
Also, most of these here things have been made with reference to Firefox rendering and functionality. Opera or Safari also seem to not have any problems with them. But Internet Explorer will utterly fail to properly render and often deliver a pathetic performance as far as simple execution of the tools is concerned.
So if it's only to use the amazing tools offered here, if you haven't done so yet, please get the fox by clicking here: Firefox. It's free (as in beer and speech), it's safe, it's highly customizable, it does show pages as they are supposed to be shown and it does execute javascript like itspozed to.