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helpICS[build:20090517]batch create non-recurring appoinments for an ical (ics) file - beta version!

This tool creates a number of appoinments (technically non-recurring) as individual events in ics format. if used online, the tool produces an ics file ready to download. in addition (and if helpICS is used offline, this is the only option) the result can be copied, put into an ics file and then imported into ics-aware applications.

Manual, FAQ and Notes

  • Please always remember to update the calendar after you have made changes to the specifcations after the last update.
  • A slot is a time interval during which an appointment can take place. A spot is one participation opportunity per slot. There may be several spots for a specific slot (i.e. 5 people can take part in a psychological study lasting 30 minutes at the same time between 9:00am and 5:00pm = 5 spots per slot × 8 hours × .5 hours = 5 × 16 participation opportunities = 80 spots per day).
  • Slots in the calendar made from specifications can be turned on and off by clicking on the on|off button in a spot, entire days can be turned on or off by clicking into the date heading of a day. Spots can be reduced per slot or increased with the little plus (+) and minus (−) signs in green and red next to the slot time.
  • Specific week days may be exempt from appointment opportunities from the start by unchecking them at "Plan only dates on...".
  • The times in the ics file from the output of this tool are not bound to a specific time zone. Thus, if imported into another application (e.g. google calendar) the dates are interpreted with reference to the default time zone in that application. If times (and dates) are jeopardized during import, this could be the reason. The dates generated with this tool must be of the same time zone as that of the application you import to.
  • Start and end times are strict, i.e. if a slot resulting from specification (especially the slot duration/interval) would last only 1 minute after the end time ("Last timeslot per day stops: ..."), it is not considered. The same goes, in analogical fashion, for the start time ("Earliest timeslot starts: ...").
  • The larger the number of slots in the calendar to be generated, the longer the process will take. Your browser may become unresponsive for a little while if the number is exceptionally large, but it should be coming back evnetually.
  • If used online, helpICS provides a link from which a ready ics file may be downloaded and additionally the content for an ics file which can be copied and pasted into an empty *.txt file whose extension may then have to be changed from *.txt to *.ics. In offline use, only the latter mode is available, no ready ics file can be obtained.
  • Specifications


    Calendars that were recently generated from your current computer

    If you have recently generated a calendar, but it is not shown here, click here to refresh this list. Calendars are kept for seven days and are deleted after that.

    Start date and time


    Startdate and time:

    End date and time


    Stopdate and time:
    Earliest timeslot on any day
    starts at:
    Last timeslot on any day
    stops at or before:
    Plan only dates on...
    Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
    Number of spots per slot: Interval (duration of each slot in minutes):
    Title name for individual spots: ? ?



    Custom names for individual spots

    You can specify specific naming of the spots here. If you chose "custom" and leave the appearing field empty, the spots will have no titles. If you want to give customized names to the spots however, you can use the following patterns in the custom names for the spots. Clicking on the patterns with the shaded background allows you to quickly insert them into the "custom" field above. Closely monitor your blank space policy while doing this!

    %aY% start year of the spot

    %aD% start day of the spot

    %aMo% start month of the spot

    %aH% start hour of the spot

    %aMi% start minute of the spot

    %oY% end year of the spot

    %oD% end day of the spot

    %oMo% end month of the spot

    %oH% end hour of the spot

    %oMi% end minute of the spot

    %#S% spot count per slot

    %#D% spot count per day

    %#W% spot count per (monday based) week

    %#M% spot count per month

    %#Y% spot count per year

    %#% spot count per calendar

    Current number of spots: 0
    You can download an ics file containing the planned dates here [right click and "save as"] or proceed by following the instructions hereafter. The first option is more convenient.
    Please follow the instructions below to obtain your ics file. As you appear to be using the offline version of helpICS [20090517] or use a browser that is otherwise not fit for ajax technology, simple download of the file is not possible. Please use helpICS [20090517] online at or ensure your browser is ajax-capable to take advantage of such an option.
    Click into the text area below to select the output, then copy it to the clipboard (e.g., by [CTRL+C] or [STRG+C] and paste it into an empty text file (*.txt). After saving this file, change the extension of the file from <somename>.txt to <somename>.ics.
    Renaming may not be necessary for some applications you would may wish to import the dates into (e.g. google calendar does not care about the extension). Others may require this change of the extension. Note that under windows, the extesnion of a file may be hidden and then cannot be changed. To be able to change file extensions under such circumstance, got to system settings (or similarly called) ⇒ folder options (o.s.c.) ⇒ view (o.s.c), and uncheck the "hide file extensions for known file types" (o.s.c.) option.